Prawns Fresh From The Seafront

Yesterday we went to buy some prawns fresh from the seafront. Down by the Chinese fishing nets are merchants and fishermen selling their catches; some are permanent stalls, consisting of beautiful displays of fish and seafood, while others are just small tables set up for the purpose of selling a few handfuls of small fish, prawns etc. Some of the larger stalls are attached to the restaurants a few metres away, and as I think I’ve mentioned before, you can buy your fish/shellfish etc. from them, and then take it to the restaurant to be cooked for you. I love this – it’s a brilliant thing!

Since yesterday was our first time buying food to cook at home (amato mio and I moved into our apartment on Friday – yay!), we went to the stall associated with one of the restaurants we frequent, Café del Mar (I’ll be reviewing it soon). Several barrels containing different types of prawns (chemeen) were on offer, ranging from average-sized beasties, priced at 350 rupees per kilo, to the biggest tiger prawns I’ve ever seen, at 800 rupees p/k. We settled for some medium mixed ones which cost 500 rupees for a kilo (£6/€7/$9). Although I say medium, in the UK these are sold as large tiger prawns, and usually cost in excess of £25 per kilo (approx 2,000 rupees).

size comparison

To give you an idea of sizes (I love how they are not uniform), the image on the right shows them alongside my large chopping knife. The one on the right was the smallest of the bunch, while the one on the left was one of the largest.

tiger prawns


Cleaning them was incredibly easy; unlike prawns I’ve bought in the UK, which have been previously frozen, the shells came off these fresh ones remarkably easily. The image to the left shows half a kilo of prepared prawns – they are such beautiful colours, aren’t they?

They tasted superb too – watch out for recipes coming soon.





And yes, those are cute teddy bears on the plate… what of it? Ha ha! Courtesy of our condo manager. Apparently, this is how we roll in India!